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2015 a reflection ....

Gemma DudleyComment

Happy New Year!

Yes I know you are all thinking aren’t you a little late to the party Gem! Yes I am! I must admit that I don’t know where the last 2 weeks have gone. A new Mon-Fri job could be part of that reason that and the immense Edinburgh Yarn Festival planning and making that I am in the midst of but more of that later.

New Year – Fresh Start

At the start of the year last year I decided that I no longer wanted to have a resolution that I would give up 4 days in and then give myself a hard time for. I wanted to achieve things instead so I set myself a list what was to be my 15 in 2015 or as close to as possible. I ended up with a fab list and I achieved a lot of things (some of which are very boring and I won't bore you with)

My 2015 knitty 'wish' list

•   Get into knitting socks and knit 6 pairs (minimum) across the year (So I didn’t get my 6 pairs done but I have knitted 4 – One pair was lost though)

•   Attend at least 3 knitty events this year including edinburgh yarn festival and great London yarn crawl (edi yarn fest, iknitfandago, indieburgh yarn crawl, Great London Yarn Crawl all done)

•   Knit myself a fitting garmet (knitted a great grey stripy Elfe)

•   Get my blog started & find a designer for a new logo (done and done – Loved working on my logo with Sarah Martin I am hoping we can work on something else this year for a possible plan)

•   Learn some new knitting techniques ... Including brioche (brioche, double knitting, 2 colour cables classes done)

•   Knitting machine classes (done)

•   Have a go at dying some yarn (spent 3 days with Nic from Yarns from the plains and dyed fibre … this needs to be on my 2016 list)

•   Have a go at designing a pattern (it’s started. Need to set more time aside to work on this)

•   Look into how I could teach children to knit in schools (hasn’t happened but time definitely hasn’t permitted 

Time to reflect

I was thinking last week how different my life was this time last year. So much has changed.

As you can see the starting of the little grey girl wasn’t here in January and was not even a dot on the horizon. I knew I was unhappy with work and working 12 hour days which meant my own personal life and admin was always the bottom of the list, and was affecting my health badly. The podcaster retreat really made me long for the love and enjoyment people got from their crafty pursuits and businesses and that was a feeling I lacked. I knew that I couldn’t afford to leave work but surely there was something I could change. 

In looking for a project bag in the summer I realized that what I wanted just didn’t exist. I hate the stigma that knitting gets with people and I wanted bags that fought that ‘granny’ persona. I wanted bright modern, simple, stylish that would appeal to both guys and gals alike. In deciding to make a bag of my own I realized that I could bring these to everyone who couldn’t find what they were looking for in the market already.

The first 3 months have very much been a, what’s the phrase ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ It’s all a huge learning curve esp when you are running something in your ‘spare’ time.  How do you balance, life, fun, work as well as all of the intricacies of a business that you never knew existed. What are the tasks that ‘pack the most punch’ or the most important when time is limited.

This year I want to thank people that encouraged me, let me vent at them, bounce ideas off and generally have been there for me.

Right I'm back off to finish some more 2016 planning

Gem x