the little grey girl

2016 ...

Gemma DudleyComment

With over 3 months of The Little Grey Girl passing already, the start of a new year has meant that I am able to reflect on how things are going, and plot and scheme what I would like 2016 to be for me for both the business and me personally.

Who else has decided to do aims instead of failing to keep resolutions ... Anyone else manage just 4 days of dry January like most of the guys in my new team at work?!

So this year I am already thinking about exciting new things I can bring you.

2016 is all about growth. Be it; new products, new fabrics, new ranges and even hopefully some new Collaborations. It’s amazing the ideas that are going around in my head and in my planning notebook

The first big thing and focus for 2016 is Edinburgh Yarn Festival. This is my first yarn show as a vendor. Although I did attend this show last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really couldn’t think of a more perfect place to debut The Little Grey Girl in the flesh. 

Please do get in touch and let me know what you would like to see from The Little Grey Girl this year.

As well as the business and the usual health and general life goals I have put myself together Knitting goals for this year;

- Knit from stash - Only buy yarn for specific projects try not to just do oooooh isn’t it pretty.

- Give myself at least an hour a day knitting time in the week even if it’s only public transport knitting.

- Knit myself another garment

- Replace all of my bought knitted accessories with knitted ones (bought snoods naughty Gem)

- Continental knit .. learn properly (anyone who wants to teach me I’m game)

- Brioche Knit and knit my 2 colour snood – The yarn is in the stash!

Watch this space for some new and exciting things, and if you haven’t already why not sign up for my mailing list for news, exclusives and offers