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That knitting 'wish list'

Gemma DudleyComment

We are now at the beginning of July and I have no idea where the year has gone ... But half way through is a good time to share and to reflect on those new years resolutions.

This year rather than having resolutions that I would break within a week of the new year I decided to set myself 15 things to do in 2015 my 'wish list' a lot of which were of course knitty.

I won't share my boring non creative ones as you will all nod off. (Generally involving health, exercise and diet ... See you nodded off)

My 2015 knitty 'wish' list

  • Get into knitting socks and knit 6 pairs (minimum) across the year (2 pairs done and 2 socks for 2 other pairs and a huge queue still to knit)
  • Attend at least 3 knitty events this year including edinburgh yarn festival and great London yarn crawl (edi yarn fest, iknitfandago, indieburgh yarn crawl all done)
  • Knit myself a garmet (yarn and pattern chosen)
  • Get my blog started & find a designer for a new logo (done now to get the logo done and live)
  • Learn some new knitting techniques ... Including brioche (double knitting, 2 colour cables classes done)
  • Look into how I could teach children to knit in schools
  • Knitting machine classes (part 1 booked for July)
  • Have a go at dying some yarn
  • Have a go at designing a pattern (its in my head and sketch book - writing it is the issue)

I must admit I am quite the over achiever and with a 40-50 hour week job I have set myself quite a lot to do this year. I guess that explains my lack of ability to relax ... What is relaxing exactly?!?! Please tell me that other people have to be clicking away on knitting to come close to getting relaxed.

In fact as I was typing this list (I get told a lot accountability is key to completing things) I realise that actually I have done a lot so far this year already.

Lots still to do and I am loving having a focus.

I'm hoping with the joys of knitting and the wonderful people I am getting to meet this wish list will grow as time goes along this year ... The things you can learn and do I hope are endless so I can have a long list for next year too.

Please let me know what's on your knitting 'wish' list for this year I would love to hear .

Right I had better get back to it, I have a baby blanket to finish before the baby arrives.

The little grey girl x