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just not prepared for the cold weather

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If you are going to edinbugh in June remember to pack warm clothes and not sandals, a vest, cardigan and NO coat! Yes thats what I did this weekend.... You can stop laughing now!

So after the fun we had at the Edinburgh Yarn festival back in March, we decided that this was a trip we wanted to make. Plus I am soooo in love with Edinburgh so much so I would love to move there. We packed ourselves off to Edinburgh for the 'Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl' organised by Ginger Twist Studios. This runs for the whole weekend so even those travelling from a distance (London for me) can partake. There is also an after party in close vicinity to Ginger Twist Studio on the Sunday night which if you don't have to head back to work (which we did) promised to be great fun. There are 3 shops involved:

  • Be Inspired Fibres, 30 Marchmont Road, EH9 1HZ
  •  Kathy's Knits, 64A Broughron Street, EH1 3SA
  • Ginger Twist Studio, 11 London Road, EH7 5AP

At the first store we visited we collected a yarn passport and at each store you collect your stamp, which you can later swap for raffle tickets (as you know that can mean prizes) At each store as well as your passport stamp you can also get a present or discount.

All of the yarn shops have there own charm and great products. I have to admit that after meeting Jess on a couple of occasions I was holding out to go to her perfectly petite shop and fondle all of that hand dyed of hers. The amazing designer and teacher Clare Devine was also doing an assortment of classes over the weekend .. all about Socks (my fav subject so I couldnt miss out) I booked my ticket to the 'night out with socks' hosted by Jess (ginger twist studios) and taught by Clare Devine. This was a fab night with tea, cake, nibbles, oh and I must not forget the prosecco. Clare talked us through the joys of toes and heels and choosing yarn for patterns. A great evening was had by all and in my goody bag was a handout, limited edition 'nigt out with socks' sock yarn dyed by Jess and a code for one of Clare's patterns. It was nice to meet people of all sock abilities and as we know knitters are amazing people. I know what you are all thinking ... yes oh little grey one this is all very interesting but What did you buy?? What did you buy?? .... ... well I was oddly restrained and my stash seems to be growing by the week. I had promised myself no more sock yarn was too be bought, and I succeeded apart from what was in my goody bag.

  • Be Inspired Fibres - chiagoo interchangeable needle tips and spin needle for a project
  •  Kathy's Knits - nothing but was introduced to knitwear designer Aphaia and now I have a fab pattern in my favourites for a colourwork cowl Geometrickery
  • Ginger Twist Studio - 2 skeins of Splendor 4ply in Dove (yes grey how could it be anything else) to knit the Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy after seeing Clare's ... and I also picked my signed *swoon* copy of the new Clare Devine's book Sock Anatomy Book which was released this weekend in paperback (digital copy available on ravelry) This is a gorgeous book full of fab patterns which vary in size from baby to adult .. and is a must buy.


Ginger's Hand Dyed - Splendor 4ply 50%Merino /50%Silk

We had to be on a flight back to London early evening so we had to miss the after party at the fab safari lounge. (we had been there on Saturday and earlier on Sunday and the food & drinks were amazing) but as I landed All in all it was a fab weekend and I met some amazing people both for the first time in person and again ... knitters really are amazing and friendly people. All I can think now is roll on the Edinburgh Yarn Festival March 2016 .... as I cannot wait to go back again

the little grey girl x