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It's all about those warm feet

Gemma DudleyComment

it really is ... Ask my ex! No one likes cold feet in bed or at anytime.

Thanks to the wonderful Jo (aka Shinybees) & Clare Devine (Yarn and Pointy Sticks) and their sock surgery I have a new obsession ... Casting on ALL the socks to keep my little feet warm.

I say little and mean it I'm a size 4, which when knitting socks I am soooo grateful for.

I love that instant excitement of being able to ignore that 'blocking thing' and shove newly finished socks straight on my feet, photograph and post on social media, so you lovely people can share in my finished excitement.

Socks have something about them ....

  • Perfect travel projects
  • Gorgeous sock yarns
  • Self stripe yarn can make a vanilla sock so exciting
  • Options; be it top down or toe up and that's before even the choice of heels.
  • And sooooo many gorgeous patterns

So this means I have ....... A few (make that 5) pairs on the needles and who knows how many queued.

I thought with this new found love I would share some of my patterns and yarns hopefully to inspire and enable you all. 

Some of my stashed sock yarn

  1. Hedgehogfibres - Sock Yarn - Wheres my bike (100g/350m, 90% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon)
  2. Ginger's Hand Dyed - Swell Ewe Sock - Tink (100g/365m, 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon)
  3. Whimzy - Sokkusu - Atlantis (115g/380m,100% Superwash Merino)
  4. Kaleidoscope Dye Works - Spring in my step Merino - Pixie Dust (100g/423m, 75%Merino Superwash, 25% Nylon)

Some my fav patterns (can all be purchased on ravelry)

  1. Slipt from Colour Caper by Clare Devine as Yarn and Pointy Sticks Designs
  2. Otis from Coop Knits Socks Volume Two by Rachel Coopey
  3. Winter Footstep Socks by Louise Tilbrook
  4. Jozi  by Clare Devine as Yarn and Pointy Sticks Designs (my first sock pattern)

There is nothing better that the excitement of those first socks being completed off the needles.

Come, be enabled, and cast on. 

I am on Twitter and Instagram so please share those amazing socks with me use #littlegreysocks ... And watch out for socks both on and off my needles 

That's it from me ... I'm off to work on my warm feet challenge :) 

The little grey girl x

PS. If you don't already listen make sure you check out the Shinybees Podcast and listen out for those sock surgery enabling sessions