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From Idea to Realisation ....

Gemma DudleyComment
The Little Grey Girl - Product Postcard

So I am now officially in business as The Little Grey Girl.

Eeeeek it still seems so unreal but I am nearly 3 weeks in and have had some wonderful support, which I must thank you all for.

I am blaming all those wonderful people I went away with to Podcaster retreat earlier this year, that and days with Nic from Yarns from the Plain. Nothing like looking at how much pleasure people get from their own creative business’ to make you wish you could have the same.

Time spent at Edinburgh Yarn festival with everyone and the queen of enabling and owner of The Golden Skein Jo Milmine (Shinybees) made me realized it’s very much about the joy both you and your customers get. The shriek of joy when a parcel arrives and the enjoyment of using it is as much for us as it is for the people sending those items out.

And that was it. I wasn’t truly happy with where I was and my day job wasn’t as enjoyable, or what I was passionate about but was needed to pay bills etc. 

Suddenly it dawned on me what I wanted to do - My own creative business.  After a lot of deliberating The Little Grey Girl was born.

 Let me take you back a little

During a chat one weekend I now remember what made me take up knitting around 8 years ago. My Dad’s partner now new wife used to work at John Lewis and she bought home a scarf knitting kit to make  ... I am not sure it ever got finished but it did start me on my knitting journey and I wanted to have a go ...Enter some perservierance and YouTube, some cheap acrylic and  I started on a scarf ... who knows where this is now but I had well and truly got the bug, and I have been a knitter ever since.

Growing up Mum had a knitting machine but I never remember hand knitting just the swish, swish, swish of the knitting machine. My nan was a handknitter but she died when I was young and was never able to teach me ... It must be in my blood somewhere though.

Why you may ask ... Although if you are a knitter you will know why no questions asked, KNITTING IS AMAZING! For those who don’t knit it really is amazing and we are on trend at the mo don’t you know ... ;)

Not only is knitting my escape, my way to keep myself occupied on transport, during boring movies or when I should be doing something else. The people and community I have become part of in this time is insane. Knitters are the nicest people EVER!

So why would I not want to make things for them. 

When I learnt to knit like everyone you start with the cheaper tools, to work out if this is for you if it wont end up being too hard or a fad, but I must admit that these days I am quite a yarn snob so why shouldn’t I want the best accessories as well. And that’s what I create, Indie accessories for those who love hand-dyed yarn. You of course don’t have to just love hand-dyed yarn all yarn lovers are welcome.

I wanted to create a brand which could be loved by all, both guys and girls alike. Something fun yet timeless which could match, contrast or accentuate both your knitting and personality. I must admit I didn’t really like many of the things out there, Yes I am a girl but no I don’t like florals, I have nothing against anyone who does but that’s not my style. I wanted something modern, perfect for travel throw in your handbag so you don’t end up scrabbling at the bottom of your bag, yet just as good if you were just on the sofa knitting when you should be running the hoover round. I hope this is what I have created for you all.

Right I'm off to get on with the next upcoming shop update thats coming next week

Speak soon