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It's Sweater Season

Gemma DudleyComment

Well, the weather changed all of a sudden, didn't it? That sharp plummet in temperature, the leaves turning, the conkers on the ground... And even snow in November! Winter is well and truly here.

All this means it's sweater season!

I seem to have sweater quantities of yarn galore as well as a loooong list of projects I absolutely must knit. 

To make the most of all those sweater opportunities, I thought I would share some of my favourite patterns with you in case you (like me) are feeling the itch to cast on all the things.

Knitters' Paradise


I think when you start knitting, you have no idea quite where this could take you, how deep you can really go when you pick up your first pair of needles and ball of wool.

Whatever made you start, whatever you get out of it - the pleasures, the pains, the costs - there is something that means you just can't stop and before you know it, your stash has outgrown its original 'must not get bigger than this' container and you are there fully involved and chasing yarns when dyers have updates. Come on, hands up if this is you too!?

It's Showtime


Let's talk about 2017 yarn shows & planning for them

February brings the start of indie knitting shows. There’s nothing better than knitting show season. For me, they're a great way to meet new people and get introduced to new indie makers and dyers, as well as topping up my stock of yarns and accessories from my favs. Writing my shopping list and been lost in that thing thats soo beautiful you just have to have it... there's nothing quite like it.




Anyone else seem to be overwhelmed by the red hearts that are everywhere? Card shops, the supermarket, shops generally... I forgot that from early February, everything must be red, shiny and heart-shaped. 

If you are single, the run-up to Valentine's Day is never that great. As a very, very single girl, I've decided this year that, instead of moping that I don't have a valentine to give me (overpriced) flowers (that will die very soon after 14 February anyway) or a gift that I really didn't want, I'm going to buy myself something I really, really want and celebrate just being me and single. So I thought I'd share some ideas for brilliant presents we single ones can buy for ourselves or use as helpful, (maybe not so subtle) hints for a loved one to buy for us - and not just for Valentine's Day either! Because we're worth it all year round, right? Right! 

The End ...


Anyone else wonder where 2016 disappeared to? Isn't it weird how it seems to go by so fast - and yet you look back and you have done so much... But that to-do list and those New Year's resolutions still seem to not have been completed ... always the way, hey...

Does anyone else give themselves a tough time about what they've accomplished? Or think that what you have done is never enough? Dwell on what you haven't done over what you have? And somehow just not realise how much you have achieved? (Go on, hands up) ... well I do that to myself and, no matter what I seem to do, it's just never enough.