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It's Sweater Season

Gemma DudleyComment
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Well, the weather changed all of a sudden, didn't it? That sharp plummet in temperature, the leaves and the conkers on the ground. Autumn is well and truly here.

After returning from the Caribbean it seems even colder, but colder means it's sweater season!

I seem to have sweater quantities of yarn galore as well as a loooong list of sweaters. 

To make the most of the start of sweater season, I thought I would share some of my favourite sweaters and cardigans with you in case you (like me) are feeling the itch to cast on all the things. 


- Timely by Libby Johnson $9.60 USD

Striped three-quarter length raglan sleeve cardigan designed to sit snuggly at the front so you can wear it open.with a cropped hem and a sweet rolled neckline. Knitted from the top down in 4ply yarn. Ideal for your everyday wardrobe.

- Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook $8.34 USD

Knit in one piece, an oversized textured ridge stitch cardigan with unique construction. Knit in worsted weight wool. I have the yarn ready to go for this one ... all I need to do is swatch!

- Waits/Newsom - Bristol Ivy $8.40  USD

Waits and Newsome are twin sisters, one is knitted top down and the other bottom up. Both are knit in 4ply with mitred shaping, so how do you want to knit yours? Bristol Ivy also offers a code if you can't decide and need both.

- Anniversaire - Veera Valimaki - PomPom issue 21

A gorgeous, top-down cabled cardigan (and wait till you see the yarn the sample is in - it makes you want to knit it even more) knit in pieces before joining for the body. Knit in DK weight yarn.

- Ronan - Andrea Mowry $10.80 USD

Top down, open-front drop-yoke cardigan with generous ease, brioche, short rows and pockets... What more is there to say apart from "when am I casting on?"?


- Boxy Joji Locatelli $6.50 USD

A simple modern sweater, with a very wide body, skinny sleeves and short row shoulders for texture. The pattern can be knit flat or in the round. This sweater is available in 4ply, worsted and even with a v-neck, and they are all fabulous.

- Painting by Karen Schneider €6.00

A top-down, cozy everyday sweater in stocking stitch - the perfect classic. Ideal for beginners or even mindless TV knitting for more experienced knitters. Knit in 4ply.

- Pavement by Veera Valimaki €4.90

Simple yoke shaping and loose gauge, light and slightly boxy, straight shape. Knitted in 4ply.

- Mira by Justyna Lorowska $7.00 USD

Seamless sweater worked top-down with an A-line textured body that will provide interest and show off those variegated skeins. Knitted in 4ply.

- Soiree. by Emily Foden - PomPom issue 21

Soiree is an oversized boxy-style sweater in knitted in the round from the bottom up with texture and a cable pattern down the sides, making it a great knit with interest. Knit in 4ply. I have the yarn and it's on my cast-on list!  

- Light Trails by Suvi Simola €5.40

A gorgeous sweater with vanishing cables and an oversized fit, worked seamlessly from the top down. Knit in 4ply.

"So what's on your sweater needles, Gem?", I hear you ask. Well, I currently have Confetti by Veera Valimaki and V-Neck Boxy by Joji Locatelli - both being knitted in greys, of course!

Do let me know what sweaters or other garments you have on the needles in the comments below or on Instagram.

And don't forget that my special, limited-edition Sweater Season wool-bottomed bags are available to pre-order now to help that sweater knitting along!